Agricultural Engineering Services Directorate (AESD) is one of the technical Directorates of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA). Mandated to ensure the availability and easy access of agricultural engineering technologies to farmers and agro-processors for increased agricultural productivity.

Focus Areas

  1. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering;

This unit is tasked with promoting Soil and Water Conservation Engineering technologies in the country and to offer technical backstopping to the regional and district directorates of agriculture.

  1. Farm Power Machinery and Transport;

This unit assists in the selection of machinery, equipment, and tools at appropriate levels of production for all categories of farmers and agro-processors.  It also offers road transport management to the fleet of vehicles, machinery and equipment belonging to MoFA.

  1. Post Harvest Management Development

This unit is responsible for the identification, dissemination and promotion of postharvest technologies for farmers and processors of agricultural produce.

  1. Rural Technology Information.

This unit has been specifically set up to link technical information seekers to holders. It is also responsible for gathering, processing, storing and documenting agricultural engineering technologies from within and outside the country and thus serves as a bridge between information seekers and providers within and outside the country. 



To modernize agriculture through the adoption of best mechanization methods / practices for efficient production with minimum post-harvest losses in consonance with sound and sustainable environmental conservation.


Ensure availability, easy access and efficient utilization of appropriate farm machinery, equipment, tools and all other agricultural engineering technologies for increased food production along the entire value chain.



The four core functions of AESD are:

  • Initiation, formulation and review of the agricultural engineering policies and programmes;
  • Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of all agricultural engineering programmes, policies and projects;
  • Provision of technical backstopping/capacity building to the Department of Agriculture and the Private sector in agricultural engineering related issues;
  • Advise the Hon. Minister and Chief Director on agricultural engineering related issues.


Current Programs and Projects

  • Facilitate farmers access to agricultural machinery/equipment
  • Build capacity of machinery managers/operators in proper management of agricultural machinery
  • Construct 30 warehouses in 9 regions to enhance post harvest infrastructure.
  • Develop Ghana Agricultural Engineering Policy and Strategy document and validated by stakeholders.
  • Conduct post harvest loss assessment of targeted crops (maize, rice, vegetables).